Another takeover- 100% Gainer

We added Wolverine Bancorp (WBKC) to the main portfolio in September 2013 at just $20.30 a share. At the takeover price we have a total gain of over 100% and an annualized return of over 21% annually. It is our 6th takeover this year and the year is not even halfway over yet.

Afyer 4 years our average closed postion has gained more than 60%. We have NO-NONE- losing stocks.Not a single stock in the portfolio that is below our pruchse price and have never closed a trade at a loss. We are crushing the market with less volatility over the 4 year period

I have just one question for you. Why aren't you a member?

SIgn up here today and start Banking on Profits

Posted to Banking on Profit on Jun 14, 2017 — 9:06 AM
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