Heading to Orlando Money Show

We are always on the constant search for better products to help you trade and invest BETTER!

We are heading to the Orlando Money Show in hopes of bringing you better tools and products.

Tell us what you are looking for: Email Kyle@Marketfy.com with what types of products you want to see us build.


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Launching a LIVE morning radio show for traders

Hey Gang,

Tomorrow morning we are launching a live interactive radio show for traders and investors called Pre Market Info by Dennis Dick and Joel Elconin.

This is HUGE because it's a live webinar everyday so you can view their ...

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AAPL vs Gold circa 1987

If you would of bought $100 of AAPL stock in beginning of 1987 it would be worth over $750,000. (Assuming you reinvested all the dividends.) 

That same $100, if invested in gold at the time, would be worth just over ...

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Here's the link of the recording for Ackman VS Icahn LIVE on CNBC today


Two billionaire hedge fund managers that loath each other going at it LIVE. On top of that, it was not planned but rather CNBC did a great job of just making it happen.

What do you guys think? Email ...

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Now that I have your attention...

I want you to attend a webinar that we are putting on tomorrow:

Learn How To Get Hedge Fund Grade Research Reports For Any Ticker Symbol 

  • Have a trading idea you are not sure if you should pull the ...

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Successful Trading Starts and Ends with Great Discipline

Good Morning Marketfy,

I moderated an incredible webinar last night by Serge Berger and the Steady Trader. The topic was The Art of Swing Trading. Some truly great stuff.

Watch webinar free here

I also wanted to share a sneak ...

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Home Depot ($HD) Management Team Call

There is only one person to this day that I have met that can out work me; that man is Brian Sozzi. 

Brian's an expert equity analyst. The best in the game. 

And now he is bringing that type of ...

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