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Good morning Mavens -

People in this industry ask me from time-to-time how I could possibly believe that we are going to be able to change anything for the retail investor in this hyperbolic fast world of the markets we live in today.

I simply point to our reviews like a basketball player points to the scoreboard when they are up by 40 in the 4th (even though for us it's still the first game of the season). 

I was reviewing the past week's new customer reviews and was once again reminded why this community of Mavens is truly a gem in the world of online trading/investing. 

We are growing at a great pace and the reason we will be doing bigger and even better things in the future is because we are placing all our time and investment into how we can better serve our subscribers. 

It's amazing to me but that seems to be a novel concept in the world of finance. 

These reviews emulate true transparency for the retail traders/investors out there looking to buy financial advice and education. We will improve the quality of products people buy in this space. And you all are a part of this movement. 

See a few of the reviews from just this past WEEK: 

1. Review for SecretCaps Full Access by Tom Shaughessy

Tom's ideas are exactly what I turn to small caps for, high growth and asymmetrical risk/reward profiles that are completely underappreciated. The number and breadth of companies he finds is impressive, as is his availability for any questions. The value provided by the membership fee right now is a no-brainer. Although he is relatively new, I have decided to dedicate a large portion of my portfolio to many of his ideas due to the asymmetrical risk/reward profiles and the apparent strength of his long term theses.

2. Review for The Trend Doctor by David Katz

Implementing David's methodology was for me akin to Neo's awakening in The Matrix. I have investigated and worked many different techniques and methodologies over the years but never with this level of success and confidence. David has taken the complex and sometimes daunting task of trading and boiled it down to a few very simple rules. I think the following quote illustrates better than I can the elegance of the methodology. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

3. Review for The Steady Trader by Serge Berger

I trade options, and I can say that using Serge's analysis and his trade positions as option plays, his summary allows you understand the trade in depth without too much or too little background. On my first day, I posted my trades open and closing prices, and netted $400. The service Serge provides is excellent, as Serge does not fight the tape, rather finds the trades that make sense.

4. Review for S&P Sectors and Sub Sectors by JC Parets 

Overall good way to recap S&P sectors - shows you which to avoid and which to invest in. Also helps witha weekly chart if you want a longer tiem frame. AJD

5. Review for Create Income with Option Spreads by Nic Chahine (Happy Birthday Nic!)

Great trade today using guidance from Nic and Malcolm. Learning good credit trading techniques thanks to their help. Traded SPX and managed to scalp $0.3 in under 30 min.

It's only a matter of time before Marketfy becomes synonymous with learning how to make money in the markets. 

Are you ready to be a part of this financial revolution? 

Your, proverbially pointing to the scoreboard, president

Kyle Bazzy

586.480.6419 (cell)

248.636.1322 (office) 

Posted to Marketfy Mavens on Oct 08, 2014 — 7:10 AM
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