[Event] The Neuroscience of Trading

Happy Friday Traders -

Anyone that has had more than a five minute conversation with me about trading knows I harp on two key ingredients for success in the markets: 1. Risk management & 2. Discipline. 

And discipline is really broken down into behavioral science topics (I am HUGE fan of studying these topics.) 

Which is why I am wicked excited for an event coming up that my friends over at Sanglucci.com are putting on....

The Neuroscience of Trading

Sang Lucci is teaming with UCLA neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Hill and his company TruBrain to monitor the brain activity of 30 traders while they trade in twow separate, 90-minute windows. QEEG monitoring systems will detect the changes in your neural activity, which will provide a map to your own brain, it’s unique characteristics, and what you can and should do in order to improve it’s ability to trade for profits.

Honestly if you can attend or go (not sure if registration is still open) DO IT! 

At the very least make sure to follow it closely. This can teach us all a lot about becoming a successful trader. 

We all know how many times we went against our strategy in the heat of the trade and LOST a ton of money. 

Looking forward to these guys discover. 

Your - behavioral science geek - president

Kyle Bazzy


248.636.1322 (office)

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