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Cannabis stocks are in a bull market, no doubt, with the Cannabis Stock Index soaring 91.8% in 2017 on top of a 88.8% increase in 2016:

As exciting as the sector may be, it's very difficult to stay on top of it, with many of the almost 600 companies in it nothing but penny stock scams.

Hundreds of subscribers at my service 420 Investor rely upon me to not only weed out these potential landmines but also to identify opportunities and to stay on top of the market as it develops. As part of that service, I include and offer separately a monthly newsletter that condenses a lot of the information into an easy-to-read summary.

The monthly newsletter includes a market review, three feature articles written exclusively for the newsletter, a review of my Focus list, including returns and important news developments, and an update of my monthly Canadian Cannabis LP model portfolio.

Here are all of the feature articles from the 40 editions of the 420 Investor Newsletter published since October 2014, with the most recent articles first:

  • Kush Bottles FY17 Review and Outlook
  • The Leading Australian Cannabis Companies
  • Rebalancing the 420 Investor Cannabis Stock Index
  • Playing the "Cali Rally"
  • Big 5 Canadian LP Financial Review
  • Take Your (Tax) Loss
  • Canadian Cash Burn
  • Comparing Four U.S. Multistate Cannabis Operators
  • Exploring Cannabis Stock Options
  • Extraction Action
  • How Oils Are Driving LP Sales
  • Rebalancing the 420 Investor Cannabis Stock Index
  • The Next Really Big Catalyst
  • Companies I am Watching
  • Not-So-Solid Solid Controls
  • How the Cannabis Industry Will Be Bigger Than You Think
  • Kush Bottles FY17-Q3 Review
  • Get Ready for Medizinisches Marihuana
  • Always Read the Fine Print
  • Reviewing Canada's Big 2
  • Rebalancing the 420 Investor Cannabis Stock Index
  • Differentiating the Canadian LPs
  • Taking Stock: How M&A Using Equity Can Build Value
  • Digging into Digipath
  • Down Under Dank: Australian Cannabis Stocks Light Up
  • Mentor Capital: A Garbage Stock
  • Risky Capital Structures
  • Introduction to Namaste Technologies
  • LP Valuation Review
  • Rebalancing the Cannabis Stock Index for Q2
  • Canopy Growth, the World's Largest Cannabis Company
  • Precision-Dosing and Micro-dosing
  • Introduction to iAnthus Capital Holdings
  • Kush Bottles Growth Slows
  • Get Ready for More Publicly Trading Canadian LPs
  • Companies that Touch the Plant
  • Quarterly Rebalancing of the 420 Investor Cannabis Stock Index
  • Another Look at Medicine Man Technologies
  • How Biotechs Could Kill the Cannabis Industry
  • Key Cannabis Issues at the Federal Level
  • Revving Up Revenues: A Look at Public Cannabis Companies with High Sales
  • A Flood of Unlocked Stock in Canada
  • The Atrocious Capital Raise at General Cannabis
  • Why the NYSE Cannabis REIT IPO is a Big Deal
  • Post-Election Cannabis Stock Outlook
  • Changes to the 420 Investor Cannabis Stock Index
  • A Review of Helix TCS (HLIX)
  • Valuing the Canadian LPs: An Introduction
  • Coming Soon: GrowGeneration
  • A Look at LP Margins and Cash Flow
  • Election Season Plays
  • 12 Innovative Cannabis Companies
  • A Detailed Review of Kush Bottles
  • Assessing the Valuations of Aphria, Canopy Growth, Mettrum and Organigram
  • June Index Rebalancing
  • Who Owns the Canadian LPs' Land?
  • Surna's Attractive Valuation
  • Terra Tech's Terrible Q1 And Why It Might Not Matter
  • What's Weighing on Canadian LPs
  • The Balance of 2016
  • What If The DEA Reschedules Cannabis
  • Cannabis Security Companies Aren't Yet Safe For Investing
  • Cannabis Stock Revenue Leaders
  • 420 Investor Marijuana Index Update
  • GWPH Epidiolex Commercialization Timeline and the Opportunity
  • Following Up on Medicine Man Technologies (MDCL)
  • Equity Lines: Good Deal but Often not Real
  • Tale of the Tape: A Look at Q3 Results from Canopy Growth and Mettrum
  • Med-X: Avoid This Cannabis Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Understanding Paid Research and Promotion
  • Book Value as a Tool for Analyzing Canadian Licensed Producers
  • Insider Buying at 2 Companies
  • 420 Investor Marijuana Index Update
  • Health and Wellness Will Drive Cannabis Industry Growth
  • On Deck: Two New Cannabis Stocks That Will Soon Debut
  • A Litany of Legalization Legislation at the Federal Level
  • Understanding Canada's New Extracts Rules
  • Incumbents Seek to Stifle Competition in Oakland and Denver
  • Several States Could Legalize in 2016
  • Stock Promotion: Necessary Evil or just Evil?
  • Steve DeAngelo's "The Cannabis Manifesto"
  • 420 Investor Marijuana Index Update
  • Colorado's LivWell: Ganja Goldmine or Taxation Travesty?
  • The Opportunity for Medical Marijuana Producers in Canada: A Framework and a Forecast
  • A Review of the Cannabinoid-Focused Biotechs from A to Z
  • Surna's Revival
  • Positive Developments for Capital Raising for Cannabis Companies
  • Watch this Signal of Dilution
  • Cannabis Sector C-Suite Exodus
  • The Intermediate Outlook for GW Pharmaceuticals
  • Changes to the Benzinga 420 Marijuana Index
  • A Look at Several State MMJ Programs
  • Discussion of Branding
  • Outlook for Nevada Testing Labs
  • A Look at the Canadian MMJ Market
  • Discussion of CBD-Only Programs
  • Big Companies with Cannabis Industry Exposure
  • A Look at the Stocks With Longer Trading Histories
  • Where is the SEC?
  • Betting on Brands
  • A Look at the Benzinga 420 Marijuana Index Changes
  • Destruction by Dilution
  • 3 Private Investments in the Industry
  • California 2016
  • Gauging Insider Ownership
  • New Names, Old Games
  • Seed-to-Sale Tracking Software: A Key Enabling Technology
  • Don't Get Caught in this Twisted Weed Web
  • Risks and Rewards in Canada
  • Making Medical Marijuana More "Medical"
  • A Look at the Year Ahead
  • A Marijuana Stock with Earnings
  • M&A or Smoke & Mirrors?
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Discussion of Nevada's MMJ Opportunity
  • A Look at the Biggest Threat to GWPH
  • Review of the 4 Ballot Initiatives

The 420 Investor Newsletter is offered for $199 for an annual subscription, while the more comprehensive service is available for $599 per year and includes three additional model portfolios with real-time alerts, weekly chat, ten videos per week, a weekly summary, real-time news alerts and a Forum where members and I share vast amounts of due diligence.

The monthly newsletter is a great way to monitor the market, while the full service is geared towards those who are actively investing in the sector. No matter which service might fit your needs better, there is no better source of information about publicly-traded cannabis companies available. Find out for yourself why 420 Investor has earned such high ratings from subscribers and jumpstart your research efforts to capitalize on cannabis.

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